Hi welcome to our weekly blog. its called “view from ThatBar.”  Here we will try and say what we are doing. it will also contain thoughts on our life and probably a lot of random stuff you don’t need to know!! but, hey its our blog so we can do what we like!

Me: I love my partner and our 6 beautiful children. I love Chelsea football club and always will.

The beloved Chelsea are able to give me years of agony and ecstasy I never thought we would win the league or the champions league but we have! so good yet, still we are in decline at the moment and I still look everyday to see what we are doing. like this I so hope its true. “Chelsea will consider a safe standing area at a rebuilt Stamford Bridge – but only if the government change the laws. Planning proposals have been submitted for a £500m project.” I loved standing as a young lad and so want it back the atmosphere it generates is electric. it was what football live should be. not prawn sandwiches and being told to sit down. it was a day with my tribe win or lose or draw I loved it.

My youngest Thomas has just feed the fish and is off to pre school how the time flies. he walks talks and makes me laugh. in this day and age of Xboxes etc. its nice to see them doing simple honest things and getting enjoyment from it.

ok so the weather has changed nights are soon drawing in. Whiskey Mac is the drink of the week. after a long day its perfect. 1 part whiskey a blend is perfect such as Bells. 1 part Ginger wine I like Stones . that’s it nothing else and definitely no ice !!! enjoy. wagon bar for hire